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    Sightseeing Tours, Kampala

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    Kampala is one of the most exciting cities in Africa, with so many sights and sounds that you could easily miss in a car ride, but on a walking tour you take in everything one at a time. Unlike it being city just it is also a district of its own, located in central Uganda in the Buganda Kingdom.

    Its total population as per 2011 was 1,659,600 people. The weather in the city is warm throughout the year hence favorable for everyone, this is because of its closeness to the Equator. Also note that it has two rainy seasons as on stars from March to May and the other from August to December.

    You can do a bicycle safari, take a vehicle ride or you do a walk tour. Exploring Kampala on foot is one of the best ways to enjoy the city.


    Day 1,City Tour, Kampala

    Some of the things you will see on the city tour around Kampala city include the old taxi park, Owino market, local crafts, vegetable and food markets, the Kabaka’s palace, the Idi Amin torture chambers, the Kasubi tombs, the Kabaka’s lake(It is a man-made lake by the Kabaka himself), the Hindu temple, Bahai temple, the Gadaffi mosque, Uganda Martyrs shine, the Catholic and Anglican churches on different hills, the independence monument and so many other landmarks.

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    • Duration : 1 Day
    • Availability : 40
    • Price : $100
    • Location : Kampala, Uganda

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