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There is a lot of things to do in Singapore, being both a modern metropolitan city and a tropical island country. Singapore is very different compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, and it is by far the easiest country we have ever traveled to in Southeast Asia. It is a modern, well organized, and spotless city where everyone speaks perfect English. In some ways, it is more comparable to cities in the USA and western European towns than to other Asian cities.

Singapore is a very safe city to visit as the crime rates in Singapore are some of the lowest in the world. There is lots of different food to try at high quality and hygiene standards, it is very tourist friendly, and many languages are spoken as the city is very international with inhabitants from all over the world.

The downside is, however, that Singapore is more expensive than its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. Budget-wise, Singapore can be compared to Europe, Australia, Japan, and the USA.


Day 1,Old-school Singapore Breakfast and Walking tour

One of the most authentic places that still serve this kind of old-style-Singapore breakfast is the cafe Killiney Kopitiam that you will find many places in Singapore. The first and original one is located at 67 Killiney Road, and I must admit that the atmosphere here is still the best even though newer and posher branches of this cafe keep popping up all over Singapore and the airport as well. Killiney Kopitiam also serves delicious Laksa, Chicken Curry, and Nasi Lemak. After this filling traditional Singapore breakfast, it is time to explore the heart of Singapore; the Colonial District. The Colonial District area is packed with stunning grand colonial buildings, a relaxing park, and several awesome museums. It is the perfect area to explore by foot as everything is within a rather small geographical area.

Day 2, Fort Canning Park & Colonial District

Start your sightseeing walk of the Colonial District in Killiney Road (A on the map above), and walk east to Fort Canning Park (B) for a morning stroll in the shade of the gigantic green trees. Walk east and out of the park and into the Colonial District of Singapore. See the National Museum (C), Peranakan Museum (D), St Andrew´s Cathedral (E), built in 1862, National Gallery (F), Asian Civilisations Museum (G), and the old grand Raffles Hotel (H), which is under construction at the time of writing. End your morning walk with lunch in Purvis Street (I).

Day 3,Visit one of the Museums and The National Gallery

Visit the National Gallery and one of the many brilliant museums of Singapore, which are all within walking distance of each other. The National gallery is the most stunning national gallery among the galleries you have seen. The building in itself is impressive (the old City Hall and Old Supreme Court buildings), housing more than 8000 pieces of 19th-century and modern Southeast Asian art pieces. Make sure to head up to the rooftop bar/ restaurant for a fantastic Singapore skyline view. The National Museum shows six centuries of Singapore history, also the recent history of the city. You will love the digital 3D artwork presented in the Glass Rotunda, Story of the Forest.


Imagine yourself at the floor-to-ceiling windows of your 5-star hotel room, drinking in magnificent views of Singapore’s glittering city district or picture-perfect Gardens by the Bay

Passion for Singapore

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  • Duration : 3Days, 4 NIghts
  • Person : 3 Person
  • Availability : 40
  • Price : $850
  • Location : Singapore

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